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Flower fertilization methods

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-20 17:58:25

The frequency of fertilization of flowers needs to be determined according to the variety and season. For those who prefer fertilizers, more must be applied. For those that can withstand barrenness, less fertilization is required. In addition, the plant needs more nutrients in the growing season, the amount of fertilization needs to be increased, and the winter grows slowly, so less fertilization is required. Generally, organic fertilizers are mainly used, and special fertilizers can also be purchased according to plant types. Fertilizers can be irrigated through the Smart indoor irrigation controller to the flowers and the soil.


There are two ways of fertilizing flowers: top dressing and base fertilizer. Base fertilizer: apply fertilizer to the soil before planting, and spread the fertilizer on the bottom of the pot or mix it with the soil;Top dressing: Fertilize the plant during its growth period, taking care not to apply the fertilizer closer to the roots. When fertilizing, be sure to apply thin fertilizer to prevent root burning.


Blooming flowers


Base fertilizer


Plants apply fertilizer to their soil before planting. If you are planting plants on the ground surface, you can mix the fertilizer with the soil, sprinkle it on the ground, cover it with a layer of soil, and then plant small seedlings; for indoor potted plants, you can directly spread the fertilizer into the lower part of the pot and cover it soil. No matter outdoor or indoor, the roots of plants are not allowed to come in direct contact with fertilizers.


Top dressing:


I agree with the understanding that fertilizing the plant during its growth period is called top dressing. When top dressing, try not to put the fertilizer closer to the roots. To avoid burning plants. After fertilization, soil loosening and watering should be carried out in time.


Schematic diagram of Smart indoor irrigation controller


The longest pay attention to fertilization is to apply a small amount of fertilizer. It is better to apply a smaller amount of fertilizer each time, and to apply more fertilizers a few times. In order to avoid excessive fertilizer, it will cause unnecessary damage to plants.