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DIY automatic watering system can easily solve your watering troubles

Published by QiangTai 2020-04-21 13:26:29

Whether it is a farm or a garden, the most troublesome problem may be watering, because it takes a lot of time and effort to water the plants, especially when the weather is hot, and the labor intensity is very large, making you very hard. At this time, the automatic watering system can help us easily solve our troubles.


Beautiful garden

Beautiful garden


We randomly search for automatic watering systems on Google and can get a lot of information about suppliers or retailers. So, which automatic watering system is better? Generally divided into these two cases: what kind of automatic watering system should be used for the completed farm or garden; what kind of automatic watering system should be prepared for the farm or garden to be built. For farms or gardens that have already been built, the ground watering system is generally selected; if it is a farm or garden to be built, an underground watering system is required.


Considering that many farms and gardens are built, let's take the above-ground watering system as an example to talk about the DIY automatic watering system. What are its components?


This is a wifi sprinkler controller that is directly connected to the faucet. After the faucet is connected to the water pipe, one or more sprinklers are placed at the far end, and the watering system can work within the set time period.


wifi sprinkler controller

QOTO's wifi sprinkler controller


Put the sprinkler in the place where watering is needed, and set the time, then the watering system will automatically sprinkle water when the scheduled time comes. In a farm or garden that has already been built, without the installation of a sprinkler system, using this watering system with time-controlled functions can greatly reduce labor intensity.


Rotating Sprinkler

Rotating Sprinkler


There are many types of nozzles, including detachable sprayers, impact nozzles with adjustable angles, and rotating nozzles. We recommend that you use a rotatable sprinkler, which is actually used more, so that we can save the labor process of holding the pipe and watering by hand.


This wifi sprinkler controller watering system is smart. We only need to add a controller to the faucet to achieve multi-channel control. Its main working principle is to use an electronic switch to control the solenoid valve, and then add capillary and sprinkler settings In the form of multiple groups and multiple channels, watering is carried out in time periods and blocks. The operation steps of this watering system are simple and can be DIY.


The DIY automatic watering system developed by QOTO has reached the basic expected effect in the process of use. However, because it uses exposed pipes, it still has a certain impact on the aesthetics. It can only be hidden as much as possible. stand up. This watering system has a very obvious reduction in labor intensity, and can really help farmers and garden managers achieve easy watering.