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Commonly used in watering garden sprinklers

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-04 16:57:07

Introduce two common garden sprinklers used in watering.




The first garden sprinkler is the rocker sprinkler.Rocker sprinkler is a common sprinkler irrigation equipment in the open space, and it is an important sprinkler in irrigation equipment. This type of sprinkler has the advantages of balanced force, reliable work balance, long range, and large flow adjustment range.Used in fixed, semi-fixed and mobile sprinkler irrigation systems.It belongs to the mid-range range, with stable mining operation and high uniformity. There are three materials of all copper, zinc alloy, copper alloy and plastic. It can be used for any round fan spraying.


Lawn sprinkling


The second type of garden sprinkler is a buried rotary sprinkler.The underground rotating sprinklers is the most widely used sprinkler in garden irrigation. The main working principle is that the water flow drives the impeller inside the spray head, and the impeller drives the gear to rotate the spray head at a uniform speed during the spraying process.Therefore, the underground rotating nozzle is also called gear driven nozzle. Buried rotating sprinklers have a large spray radius. According to different specifications of products, the spray radius ranges from 5 meters to 25 meters. Individual large-diameter special sprayers can even reach a spray radius of more than 30 meters.