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Balcony garden and indoor irrigation controller

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-10 17:11:53

Many families generally have a courtyard where they can grow flowers or plant some favorite plants, but what if they do not have a courtyard at home but want to grow plants?In fact, you can make full use of the balconies and rooftops. Although the area is not large, it is also a very good scenery line after planting flowers and plants. What happens when I install an indoor irrigation controller indoors?


Planting flowers on the balcony


What kind of flowers and plants are suitable for planting flowers on the balcony? If it is a sunny balcony, you can plant plants that like the sun, such as sunflowers, rose, crape myrtle, night lilac, etc.If it is in the shade, plant some shade-loving plants, such as calla lilies, rhododendrons, gentle orchids, camellia, etc. But when planting on the balcony, it is best to raise some beneficial flowers and grass that can refresh the air, and some flowers that are too tricky to insects try not to choose.


Planting flowers on the balcony


Due to the location of the balcony and rooftop, some families may not be very good at watering, and some may be at a relatively high position. Install several indoor irrigation controllers to make it easier to water. As long as they are controlled by mobile phones, they can automatically water flowers and plants. You can create a beautiful little garden indoors.


Watering with QOTO indoor irrigation controller


In addition to choosing to plant with the balcony and rooftop, some people will choose to place some potted plants and flowers indoors. The potted plants also need to be watered. The indoor irrigation controller can irrigate all the plants you plant indoors and outdoors. Water can be watered at home for work, watered at home on weekends, and watered at the mall when shopping.There is an indoor irrigation controller, no matter what kind of plant, you can rest assured.