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Application of sprinkler system controller

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-09 18:44:48

The sprinkler system can be used not only for watering but also for many other purposes. When household water is used, the garden irrigation system uses the sprinkler system controller, which can water the flowers in the garden and the lawn in the yard. It is very convenient. The lawn of the park, the lawn of the golf course, and the shrub vegetation on the roadside The greening lawn can be used for sprinkler systems.


Mobile phone remote watering


In addition to household water irrigation, the sprinkler system controller can be used for more purposes. For example, in the flu season or the season of virus infestation, you can spray disinfection water. Use the sprinkler system to spray disinfection water in places where disinfection is needed, such as Some public places and farms are available.


Greening sprinkler


It can be used for dust removal. In some places with less vegetation, there is more sand and dust, and it is easy to fly in the air. You can use the sprinkler system controller to sprinkle water to remove dust and purify the air. In summer, if the weather is hot, the sun temperature is very high, sprinkle water It can also evaporate water in the air to take away the hot air, which is the most natural method of cooling.


The sprinkler system controller also has many applications on the farm. The farm grows many crops, and the area is generally very wide. Using the watering system when watering can save time and labor, and can reduce part of the water consumption and reduce the amount of water on the farm every year Invest.