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According to soil irrigation method

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-10 17:59:29

Pouring deeper is conducive to the growth of deep roots. Water the plants when they are really needed. This encourages the roots of the grass to grow downward, but you must use enough water each time so that the water can pass through the entire root system.The most accurate way to determine the depth of the root system is to dig a small hole and measure how deep the root has grown.


Watering the lawn


Alternatively, you can follow the following general estimation method: If you have a bluegrass lawn, each watering should reach the soil 15-20 cm deep, and for most other species, the water depth should reach 20-30 cm deep . You can determine how long the sprinkler irrigation system needs to be opened by one of the following methods:

Turn on the best lawn sprinkler system for 15 minutes. After 18 to 24 hours, dig a small hole to see how deep the water seeps, or use a probe in the watered area (the probe will easily pass through wet soil). You can also use a shovel to dig into the soil and use the principle of levers to dig the soil away so that you can see the soil under the topsoil. Once you see how deep the 15-minute water is poured, you can calculate how long you need to turn on the best lawn sprinkler system.


Watering flowers


For example, if the wet part of the soil is 8 cm and the depth of the wet soil you want is 15 cm, you need to apply the best lawn sprinkler system for 30 minutes (2×15 minutes) each time you water.


Estimate how much water you will need based on the type of soil. Under normal circumstances, 2.5 cm of water will seep into sand 30 cm, loamy soil 15-20 cm, clay 10 cm. Using these estimates is not as accurate as digging, but it is also very close, especially if you have good knowledge about soil composition. Know how long you need to keep the sprinkler or sprinkler system open to calibrate your sprinklers.