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Published by: QiangTaiHow to build a beautiful garden?June 24,2020
How to build a beautiful garden?

The beautiful garden is the pursuit of garden lovers, who can invest a lot of time and energy to create a pleasing garden.

Published by: QiangTaiFlower fertilization methodsJune 20,2020
Flower fertilization methods

Fertilizers can be irrigated through the Smart indoor irrigation controller to the flowers and the soil.

Published by: QiangTaiSummer home watering system for watering flowersJune 17,2020
Summer home watering system for watering flowers

Different plants at different times and different amounts of watering can also be controlled by a mobile phone

Published by: QiangTaiTips for flower garden wateringJune 13,2020
Tips for flower garden watering

Planting flowers but not knowing the skills of watering the garden, today I will teach you how to water

Published by: QiangTaiBalcony garden and indoor irrigation controllerJune 10,2020
Balcony garden and indoor irrigation controller

The indoor irrigation controller can irrigate all the plants you plant indoors and outdoors.

Published by: QiangTaiHow to plant and maintain lawn?June 05,2020
How to plant and maintain lawn?

The lawn of the family garden cannot be maintained without good care, and you need to treat the flowers and plants with care to be able to thrive.