Published by: QiangTaiSelf watering garden planters when not at homeJuly 15,2020
Self watering garden planters when not at home

People who love flowers and plants are most afraid of being busy with work or going out, because such favorite flowers and plants are not taken care of by others. The work is too busy and there is no ...

Published by: QiangTaiNature's automatic watering system for plantsJuly 14,2020
Nature's automatic watering system for plants

The earth cannot be separated from green plants. Because of human activities, the laws of nature are also affected. It is believed that they begin to affect the ecological laws of nature balance.

Published by: QiangTaiTravel destination in your own courtyardJuly 13,2020
Travel destination in your own courtyard

When the weather is nice, bring three or two friends or a warm family gathering, you can open the body at home without going far.

Published by: QiangTaiAccording to soil irrigation methodJuly 10,2020
According to soil irrigation method

Pouring deeper is conducive to the growth of deep roots. Water the plants when they are really needed.

Published by: QiangTaiIrrigation controller can also have these functions?July 10,2020
Irrigation controller can also have these functions?

Owning an irrigation controller can bring a lot of convenience to life. I often see friends who spend a lot of time irrigating the lawn at the door, or gardening flowers.

Published by: QiangTaiApplication of sprinkler system controllerJuly 09,2020
Application of sprinkler system controller

The sprinkler system can be used not only for watering but also for many other purposes. When household water is used, the garden irrigation system uses the sprinkler system controller, which can wate...