Published by: QiangTaiThe best sprinkler for large lawnsJuly 01,2020
The best sprinkler for large lawns

The best sprinkler for large lawn can provide the best care for the grass. Looking at the green sea, you can get some friends to play golf or go green.

Published by: QiangTaiVoice-controlled indoor irrigation controllerJune 30,2020
Voice-controlled indoor irrigation controller

Many people who love flowers move to their homes and plant flowers. Those who have gardens will plant their favorite plants. After the gardens are planted, there will be balconies and indoor window si...

Published by: QiangTaiAutomatic watering timer capable of coolingJune 29,2020
Automatic watering timer capable of cooling

You only need to install an automatic sprinkler timer to cool about in a more natural way.

Published by: QiangTaiHow to design the irrigation system of the villa gardenJune 26,2020
How to design the irrigation system of the villa garden

Family friends that have a courtyard want to create a beautiful garden, regardless of the size of the area, it can be pleasing to the eye, so in order to make the garden watering more worrying, i...

Published by: QiangTaiChanges in irrigation methodsJune 26,2020
Changes in irrigation methods

The emergence of automatic watering timer makes remote watering no longer a problem, unlimited time and area, and even remote adjustment of water volume.

Published by: QiangTaiHow to build a beautiful garden?June 24,2020
How to build a beautiful garden?

The beautiful garden is the pursuit of garden lovers, who can invest a lot of time and energy to create a pleasing garden.