Published by: QiangTaiEnvironmentally friendly sprinkler timerMarch 01,2019
Environmentally friendly sprinkler timer

At present, the application of sprinkler timer can not only effectively utilize limited water resources, but also be a low-cost intelligent irrigation system, which plays a very important role in mode...

Published by: QiangTaiActuator valve principle diagramMarch 01,2019
Actuator valve principle diagram

The actuator valve is the “hand and foot” that automates the production process. It is installed at the production site and is in contact with the medium at all times to regulate the flow. What are th...

Published by: QiangTaiPT PTJ Sichuan Tianzhu CompanyMarch 01,2019
PT PTJ Sichuan Tianzhu Company

We have a group of enthusiastic, continuously innovative and high-quality R&D staff to forge ahead..