Published by: QiangTaiBenefits of water irrigation systemsJune 16,2020
Benefits of water irrigation systems

Ordinary people may feel that there is not much needing for a family-type water irrigation system, but this is not the case. There are also many conveniences in the family-mounted water irrigation sys...

Published by: QiangTaiPlant irrigation system implements plant careJune 15,2020
Plant irrigation system implements plant care

To grow well, both light sources and water source is indispensable.

Published by: QiangTaiTips for flower garden wateringJune 13,2020
Tips for flower garden watering

Planting flowers but not knowing the skills of watering the garden, today I will teach you how to water

Published by: QiangTaiWireless water timer to control water source regularlyJune 13,2020
Wireless water timer to control water source regularly

There are many places to use water at home, so what can the wireless water timer be used for?

Published by: QiangTaiSmart water control in the intelligent eraJune 12,2020
Smart water control in the intelligent era

Now in the smart era, more and more smart products of life appear and continue to improve, everyone's life is more and more convenient, and smart water control has also entered people's lives.

Published by: QiangTaiFarm and smart irrigation controllerJune 11,2020
Farm and smart irrigation controller

QOTO intelligent irrigation controller has the characteristics of one network and multiple levels, one gateway can connect 60 sub-devices at the same time.