Wifi sprinkler controller for cooling and dust removal

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-24 18:32:10

Recently, the weather is relatively hot and the air smells of dust. Andy often takes the sprinkler pipes and nozzles to reduce the dust around the yard. Sprinkling water can cool down and remove the dust. The water vapor takes away the heat in the air and the ground temperature drops. It is cool, but this method cannot be used frequently. It is not good for the joints of the human body. While the water vapor takes away the heat, it passes through the body, especially the legs, which is easy to arthritis.


Lawn under the sun


Andy knows that it will be bad for the body, so he wants a wifi sprinkler controller that can automatically sprinkle water. It can also sprinkle water to cool and remove dust when he is not at home, so that the temperature has been cooled when he goes home, and it will not affect the body too much.




So Andy saw QOTO's sprinkler, which can meet her needs. You can set up automatic timing sprinkling on your phone before arriving home to cool down and remove dust. When the home is completed, it will not be affected by water vapor. Influence, very convenient and easy to use.


After Andy bought the product back, the wifi sprinkler controller can have more uses. In addition to cooling and dust removal, Andy was very surprised to purchase it for her courtyard garden watering. Now Andy feels that he can easily control all the water at home. Yes, as long as the phone is in hand, you can sprinkle water wherever you want.