Vandsnappe lande er bedst egnede til automatic garden watering system

Published by QiangTai 2020-01-03 09:54:17

A few days ago, the World Resources Institute, a non-governmental organization headquartered in Washington, USA, issued a report saying that 17 countries around the world are currently in "extremely scarce water resources". These countries account for a quarter of the world's population.In recent years, water crisis has occurred in many parts of the world. The release of this report once again raised public opinion's concerns about the status and future of the earth's water resources.According to the report, 12 of these 17 countries with extreme water shortages are located in the Middle East and North Africa. But even in countries with less overall water stress, individual regions may still experience extreme water shortages.


Then, in order to reduce the waste of water resources and achieve the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection.Many countries have initiated measures to protect water resources, reduce water pollution, and reuse wastewater.So for the developing countries lacking water resources, agricultural development is indispensable. Therefore, automatic watering system was born, the water saving rate was as high as 90%, and the waste of water resources was effectively alleviated.At present, 21 developing countries, especially agricultural developed countries, are vigorously promoting and using automatic garden watering system. The future development trend cannot be separated from automatic garden watering system.



The automatic garden watering system can be used in gardens, farmland, lawns, parks, etc. As long as there is a zone with green plants, you can use the automatic garden watering system.Its energy-saving principle is that it can accurately open the scale of the sprinkler valve through the APP. The water output can be controlled by a percentage, and the watering time can be set to achieve automatic irrigation.This function can also adjust the amount of watering according to the temperature and humidity analysis, so that the irrigation water can be effectively used, and the water saving rate is as high as 90%.