Use wifi irrigation controller case

Published by QiangTai 2019-07-16 17:18:27

A farm after using QOTO's wifi irrigation controller,the effect improvement is obviously reflected in the following aspects:

Use wifi irrigation controller case

1.Convenient and fast.Raw irrigation methods need to be operated on site,after using QOTO's wifi irrigation controller,the phone can be used to automatically open and close the valve whenever and wherever possible,No distance limit.Make farm irrigation easy and fast.


2.Function adjustable.after using QOTO's wifi irrigation controller,adjustment of irrigation water volume based on local climate parameters,While achieving precise irrigation, the water conservation rate is up to 90%.


3.Self-contained fault alarm system.When the product fails, you can find the faulty device accurately through the mobile phone APP, and you don't need to check it one by one.significant savings in human resources.


4.5V voltage,The safety voltage has no safety hazards.universal mobile phone interface connection product.Low-voltage products make users feel more at ease.


5.Traditional irrigation equipment, exposed to the sun for a long time, the shell will rust or paint off.QOTO's wifi irrigation controller,It is made of UV paint layer, UV protection, does not contain any volatile substances, and products made with UV paint are green, healthy and environmentally friendly.


6.After using QOTO's wifi irrigation controller,It can be combined with liquid fertilizer to achieve integrated irrigation and fertilization.


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