Time-saving garden watering system

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-29 17:10:29

Jane is from the United Kingdom. She recently sent news that she had just given birth to a baby, and she has just become a mother. The baby just after birth is more noisy. She often wakes up at night and needs to feed her baby, or the baby keeps crying at night, which makes Jane It is both sweet and tired.Because before giving birth, she had her own garden, planted many of her favorite flowers, often watered and fertilized the flowers, and the flowers grew beautifully. But recently she suddenly discovered that some flowers are a little withered because she recently gave birth to a baby and she has no time and energy to take care of the flowers in the garden, so the flowers are not happy anymore.


Mobile phone remote operation garden watering system


When Jane didn’t know what to do, her friend told her that she could install a home garden watering system. The mobile phone app was set up to automatically quantify the flowers automatically at a fixed time every day, so you could take care of the flowers without spending time for watering.


So Jane listened to a friend's suggestion to prepare to buy a garden watering system, and found the QOTO brand, and found that it felt good in performance, and she also had a QOTOsmart water valve used by her friends. After the exchange, Jane bought it directly.


garden watering system at work


After a month, Jane first shared her baby and grew up for another month. It seems that the mother’s mood is also very good. Jane said that she specially thanked the garden watering system because she can take care of it now. At the same time as a good baby, she can take good care of the flowers in the garden. She feels very happy and hopes that this product will be welcomed by more people. She will also recommend it to her friends.