The convenience brought by the garden sprinkler system

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-30 20:00:02

Jony is a bit upset recently because his wife is still in the car accident and is still in treatment. He has a lot of things. In addition to work, he needs to take care of his wife, but also to take care of children, as well as home chores and garden watering work.



So I remembered the garden sprinkler system mentioned by my friend, which can be easily watered, so Jony came to consult. Learned that QOTO's garden sprinkler system can remotely water through the mobile APP, and can also set the watering time in advance, water regularly, and set the flow rate of watering.Another feature that makes Jony feel good is that you can open the sprinkler system through the voice assistant to water the plants. You don’t need to use both hands to operate, and you can water the garden with just a few words.



So Jony placed the order directly. After a while, Jony sent an email saying that the QOTO garden sprinkler system helped him a lot, so he felt very grateful and lucky.Now Jony's wife has been recuperating at home. The wife also likes the QOTO garden sprinkler system. The flowers and plants in the garden are planted little by little by the wife. The wife loves these flowers and plants. Now the wife is very happy to watch the garden sprinkler system give Watering her flowers.


Best wishes to Jony and his wife.