The charm of automatic plant irrigation system

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-20 17:50:25

In the back office of QOTO's official website, I received a message from a customer, Lisa, asking for the price of the product, and was willing to buy more.It turned out that Lisa was very curious when she saw the automatic plant irrigation system in her friend's yard when she went to play at her friend's house last weekend.


Automatic plant irrigation system are watering.


Lisa spent some time observing the usage methods and effects. I was very surprised to find this very interesting and useful. As long as you have a mobile phone, you can remotely and quantitatively water the flowers and plants in your home garden at any time. It is very convenient! It is really amazing! So I heard about the brand of this automatic plant irrigation system, and clicked on the official website, because this time I plan to buy a few more, ready to send a few to my friends and family, it is really practical, so I want to send a few To friends.


Planting plants indoors


Lisa immediately placed the order she needed, and expressed her gratitude for having this convenient product. It can save her from having to water the garden often, especially when the summer is very hot, and sometimes when she is busy on a business trip, there is simply no way to take good care of the flowers and plants.


One month after Lisa’s purchase, Lisa sent another message saying that some friends needed to buy, she needed to place an order. Now her friends basically use the QOTO automatic plant irrigation system, and are recommending it to more friends and Colleagues, because the automatic plant irrigation system is so convenient to use in the home courtyard!