auto watering system to care for planting

Published by QiangTai 2019-07-15 16:45:10

Mr. Leo, who lives in Australia, has a large garden at home. Mr. Leo is an engineer. He usually has a hobby and habit of planting flowers and plants. The flowers and plants in the garden have been growing healthy under the care of the couple using an auto watering system.


Application of auto watering system


Before the auto watering system was used, the flowers in the garden of the couple were not so bright and lush. Often it is dead leaves, which is also related to the local climate. The local climate is less rainy and water scarce, and all species of plants often wither. And the Mr. Leo couples often traveled on vacation, leaving the garden unattended and dying a lot.


How to use the auto watering system


After using QOTO's auto watering system, the monthly water saving is as high as 85% or more, which is the most profound experience of the couple. In addition, the operation is convenient and quick, and the automatic watering time can be set to achieve the automatic watering irrigation function. After using it, the Mr. leo couples no longer have to worry about planting plants at home no matter where they go on vacation.


Easy and quick auto watering system


Use the auto watering system to easily solve the watering troubles of planting plants, not worry about no one taking care of flowers and plants, and the strong and effective water saving is also very attractive ~!