Sprinkler timer wifi will enter every household in the future

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-17 17:34:35

A customer from the QOTO official website inquired about the price of sprinkler timer wifi. When communicating with the customer, he found that he knew more about the intelligent irrigation system. He consulted a lot of information, and the products on the market are also aware. He believes that now This intelligent watering system is the trend of the times and will be used by every household in the future.


In the process of communicating with customers, I found that there was indeed a lot of research. He introduced the characteristics of our QOTO product. In addition to being a sprinkler timer wifi, it also has many features.The low-light energy harvesting technology can continuously collect the light energy in the environment to continuously supply energy to the equipment, reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment, the cost of battery purchase, and the cost of used battery disposal, thereby reducing the environmental pollution of the waste battery to a certain extent Play a role in protecting the environment.


Product indication


At the same time, there are applications for home intelligence. The configuration of the overflow device can detect household water leakage. Once the water leakage is detected, the water gate will be automatically closed, which also has a significant effect of household waters management. At the same time, there are also human body sensors, doorbells, temperature and humidity sensors, which can bring many conveniences in life. The doorbell can record the time of visitors. The human body sensors will send an alarm when someone passes around, which can prevent theft to a certain extent. Function, of course, this function can also be set off on the mobile phone APP.


Watering the garden


After understanding the characteristics of the QOTO sprinkler timer wifi product, the customer said that it was very new, and there were still some differences between other products he saw. So, he immediately indicated that he would reserve some samples first. After half a month, the customer has purchased different quantities of products one after another, and has the intention to continue cooperation.