Sprinkler controller used by gardening enthusiasts

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-17 18:17:50

Paul is a gardening enthusiast. Many kinds of flowers are grown at home, and new flowers are often often added. The lawn in the courtyard is also neatly organized, and there are more and more flowers, but Paul is troubled because the more flowers More and more came, so Paul felt that he did not take care of the flowers and plants as well as in the past, causing some plants to wither.


Flowers blooming in the garden


So Paul wanted to buy a suitable sprinkler controller, so he didn't need to spend so much time to take care of flowers and plants when he was busy, and the flowers and plants could still grow lush. So after introduction by friends, Paul learned about QOTO's sprinkler controller, so he came to ask about the situation.


Flowers blooming in the garden


Because Paul planted more flowers and larger areas, Paul was a little worried about not covering such a wide area, but Paul did not have to worry about this aspect at all, because QOTO's sprinkler controller uses RF radio technology, and the transmission distance is higher than ordinary WIFI. Farther, it is 2~3 times of ordinary WIFI, indoor can pass through 3~4, face wall, outdoor up to 180m, so the distance can be completely assured. And it has the characteristics of one network and multiple levels. It can connect 60 sub-devices at the same time. There is no need to worry about the large watering area and many types. You can water different flowers at the same time, and it is set according to the water demand of the flowers. The amount of watering.


After understanding, Paul thinks QOTO's sprinkler controller is great and can solve his troubles.