Smart watering system for household irrigation

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-16 18:43:14

QOTO's official website background received a customer from the Asia-Pacific region asking about how the smart watering system is used for household irrigation? He wants to use it for irrigation in home gardens.


He planted many kinds of flowers, some of them have different watering amount and watering time, so he needs this smart watering system to distinguish the watering amount.QOTO has the characteristics of one network and multiple levels, and can connect 60 different sub-devices at the same time, so if there are different types of flowers and plants, the amount of watering is different, just use a few more devices, all can be operated on a mobile APP, unified Irrigation, you can also set the amount of watering, regular watering, convenient and reliable.


Garden flowers


The customer was surprised, thinking that it would take a lot of apps to ensure different watering time and watering amount. Now an smart watering system can be solved, which makes it easier to water and save time. At the same time, there are flowers and plants that can be taken care of.


smart water valve at work


Immediately the customer placed the order and installed it as soon as the goods were received. After a week of use, the customer sent a thank-you letter and felt that QOTO's smart watering system was particularly convenient. Now he does not need to be as tired as he did every day. Of course, sometimes you can experience the fun of watering yourself at any time.