Smart sprinkler controller for family leaking

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-11 17:15:29

One day, I received a private message called Lucy on Facebook and asked about the QOTO smart sprinkler controller. I learned from the chat that because she was on business trip a while ago, the water pipe in the house suddenly burst and the water gate was not closed when she went out. After returning home, I found that the furniture and electrical appliances in the house were all wetted with water, and basically could not be used anymore. The water flowed into the courtyard, which flooded the lawn and the newly planted flowers. It was also a big loss for Lucy, and he had to repurchase furniture and electrical appliances at home.


In the water


It happened to be talking to my friend, so the friend recommended her to install a controller, so Lucy searched on facebook, just saw an article I sent before, and then clicked on my homepage to see about QOTO Some introductions to the various functions of the smart sprinkler controller products is very interesting, so send a private letter to find out.


In fact, the QOTO smart sprinkler controller, in addition to being able to remotely water regularly, cooperates with the sub-devices of the gateway, and has more home functions. If it leaks, you can install an overflow sub-device. As long as the overflow device detects water leakage from the home, then It will convey the message to the owner's mobile phone, and at the same time automatically closed the sluice gate to prevent continued leakage, this can solve the problem Lucy encountered.If necessary, you can also be equipped with other sub-devices, such as doorbells, body sensors, etc. The doorbell can record the time the visitor presses the doorbell, and the body sensor can be used as an anti-theft sensor. As long as someone passes by the device, it can sound an alarm. The function can also be turned off if needed.


Overflow furniture system


It was very pleasant to talk with Lucy. Lucy was amazed to know that the original smart sprinkler controller not only can water flowers, but also have so many others function, and immediately indicated that he would place an order to purchase.