Smart irrigation system with an interesting customer

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-08 18:36:17

I am very honored to receive a letter from an Australian guest TOM inquiring about the smart irrigation system in Alibaba, roughly speaking:

"It feels cool to see your products. The garden installed at home should be very good. Can you show me more related information?


smart irrigationa system is watering


So he quickly responded to him there and introduced that our product is a remote mobile phone-controlled smart irrigation system, which can not only remotely water, but also the overflow device configured to detect water leakage. When people are not at home, yes It can detect whether there is water leakage in the home, so as to automatically close the sluice gate to prevent further leakage. And gave him more information about the product and how to use it.


smart irrigationa system is watering


When Tom finished listening to the introduction, he kept saying that it was very cool, because his wife raised a lot of flowers. Often, he owns this intelligent irrigation system in watering, which can save him a lot of time. Very cute is that TOM immediately discussed with his company and persuaded to buy a batch of goods, because he felt very practical and intelligent.The chat with TOM is also very relaxed and humorous, making people very happy, hoping to become good friends next time.