Smart garden watering can also take a hot bath

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-10 18:24:09

One day in the background of the official website, I just saw that a customer opened a dialog box showing that he was typing. So he greeted the other party first. The customer was a little surprised. How did the response speed was so fast? I was very curious and started the conversation. The customer called Barton.Through communication, I knew that Barton was too tired to work recently, and often worked overtime, but the garden at home had to be taken care of, so he had to water the garden after work late every day. You can purchase a smart garden watering device that can automatically water flowers, so you enter the QOTO official website.


smart sprinkler controller is sprinkling water


Introduced the product QOTO to Barton, you can set the regular watering through the mobile phone, don't worry. And overwork is too tiring, you can install a device in the bathroom, put hot water on your mobile phone before you get home, you can take a hot bath directly when you get home, the water gate will automatically close the water gate, there is no need to worry about overflow, there is no hidden danger.


smart sprinkler controller remotely release hot water to the bathtub


After Barton learned about QOTO products, he felt very cool and had more features and more comprehensive than many products he had known before. Having a great chat with Barton, he proposed to have a sample for trial.


smart sprinkler controller is sprinkling water


I had a great conversation with Barton. The smart garden watering surprised him a lot, and I look forward to a longer-term cooperation.