Quick and easy lawn automatic watering system

Published by QiangTai 2020-01-04 15:37:47

The United States is a large lawn country. No matter where you go, open spaces create patches of grass or forest. The golf courses outside the city are far-sighted like green waves, and close-up you can see that the lawn is trimmed like a carpet, making people linger. The lawn has created a beautiful living environment for Americans, and it has brought incalculable benefits.


American lawn sprinkler system


People can fully enjoy the gift of nature, not only the air is fresh, but also the temperature is adjusted to give people a quiet and serene feeling. Especially on leisure and holidays, people often walk on the lawn, play ball, gather meals and perform various entertainment activities. The comfortable and elegant atmosphere is beyond the reach of indoor activities. It has become a tradition for Americans to value lawns and has even developed into a cultural phenomenon. Coexisting with lawn culture is a good sense of social morality in the United States. People are used to seeing the green environment as a continuation of their own living space, which provides a reliable guarantee for the survival and development of lawn culture.


Automatic lawn sprinkler system


One of the articles in The New Yorker Magazine has an interesting statistic: "The total area of lawns in the United States is 50,000 square miles-about the size of a New York State. So such a large area of lawn needs to be trimmed and watered. Is water conservation a high cost? Especially in terms of watering, the current water resources in the United States are not very abundant. In this case, the cost of water resources required is not a small amount of data. Some areas are already using lawn automatic watering system. Why is this?


Automatic lawn sprinkler system watering


First of all, the cost of artificial watering is solved. The all-AI intelligent automatic watering system can judge whether the lawn needs watering according to climate change. Then, the utilization rate of irrigation water has greatly saved the waste of water resources, the water saving rate has been as high as 90%, and the water cost saved in one year has reached millions of dollars.


At present, the lawn automatic watering system has been vigorously promoted to regions lacking global water resources. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India and other countries are implementing popularization, saving water resources and sustainable development.