wifi sprinkler timer family irrigation case

Published by QiangTai 2019-03-01 11:50:09

A family planted green plants on the balcony for viewing,the owner is often on a business trip,ornamental plants at home are neglected,lead to plant necrosis.but the owner still has a lot of interest in planting ornamental plants,So after knowing and using QOTO's wifi sprinkler timer through the network,The green plants in the house have never withered.The main advantages are reflected in the following points:

wifi sprinkler timer for home irrigation

1.Elimination of distance restrictions,Anywhere, anytime,using a mobile phone,can control the opening and closing of the valve,watering the garden,Traveling with confidence.

wifi sprinkler timer home irrigation effect

2.Watering according to the humanized control of the local environment.Users can control the amount of water according to the type of flowers and plants that need to be watered and the weather conditions of the day,It can also be combined with liquid fertilizer to implement intelligent irrigation integration,exact irrigation.

wifi sprinkler timer home irrigation picture

3.Self-contained fault alarm system.When the product fails, you can find the faulty device accurately through the mobile phone APP, and you don't need to check it one by one.significant savings in human resources.

wifi sprinkler timer home irrigation renderings

4.The safety voltage has no safety hazards, and the 5V low voltage product makes the user feel more at ease.

wifi sprinkler timer home irrigation is underway

5.Traditional irrigation equipment, exposed to the sun for a long time, the shell will rust or paint off.QOTO's wifi sprinkler timer,It is made of UV paint layer, UV protection, does not contain any volatile substances, and products made with UV paint are green, healthy and environmentally friendly.

wifi sprinkler timer home irrigation assistant

6.The utilization rate of water using the wifi sprinkler timer can reach more than 90%. This means that at least half of the irrigation water can be saved by irrigating with the wifi sprinkler timer.


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