Not just outdoor sprinkler timers

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-09 18:02:21

I posted an article in the outdoor sprinkler timer on my personal Facebook. The next day, a man named John saw the article and sent a private letter expressing his interests in this product, hoping to continue communication.


Outdoor sprinkler timer watering


Communicated with him further and introduced the QOTO product in addition to the function of outdoor sprinkler timer, it can also play a role in home water system management. John expressed greater interest. He said he has several farms and hopes to be able to I used it. When I was having a good time talking, John suddenly went offline and the message was not answered again, but I still sent John more introductions and applications about the product.


Simple smartphone operation


The next day John sent a message again. It turned out that he was too sleepy last night and fell asleep. Communicating through the phone, he expressed the hope that he could send a sample of  him to try and pay a deposit.


Very smoothly, this order was generated, not only as John's farm outdoor sprinkler timer, he also purchased a water management system for his home, watering and sprinkling the garden.