Lily and her garden

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-30 18:51:21

Lily has a beautiful garden. Because of her meticulous care, she is praised by friends around her. Friends also like to go to her home to watch her garden. Of course, Lily also welcomes her friends to love their garden and visit themselves. As a guest at home, Lily really loves her garden. In order to always pay attention to the state of the flowers, she basically does not travel far. But recently Lily has a distant friend who is about to get married in one month, and that is her best friend, so this time you may have to go to the friend's wedding in advance, so you can't stay at home.



Lily was worried that no one would take care of the flowers and plants when she left home, so a friend recommended QOTO's automatic garden watering system to her. When Lily saw the product, she was surprised and placed an order soon. Lily was put into use immediately after receiving the product, and told us that it is very convenient to remotely control the watering of vegetation at home.




Because time is relatively short, Lily did not have much time to study, so she went to attend a friend’s wedding. After Lily returned home after attending the wedding, she started to study the automatic garden watering system. Before, she only focused on remote watering and timing. The watering function enables her to take care of the flowers and plants at home even when she is far away from home. But Lily has discovered many other functions. In addition to watering, you can use a gateway and overflow device to release water in the bathtub or swimming pool in advance. When the overflow device is full of water, it will be transmitted to the mobile phone and automatically close the gate. . Lily is currently studying more usage in life. She finds it very interesting. This has become a new point of interest for her recently.