Kevin and automatic irrigation systems

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-15 17:43:52

Kevin is a customer who bought a batch of products directly on the website. At first, he didn't have much communication and reached an agreement for direct shipping. I did not expect to receive some email thank-you letters one after another. I just think this is the previous one. Customers, but when they find that everyone's letters are in the same place, they start to be curious.


A place full of greenery


So I didn’t know until I wrote to them. Thank you letters from several elderly ladies in nursing homes. After the exchange, I learned that the previous Mr. Kevin purchased the QOTO automatic irrigation system and provided it to several nursing homes. Because the nursing home has a large lawn, usually some people like to plant flowers, but still some old mobile is not convenient people. They like flowers and want to water themselves, so after having an automatic irrigation system, it will be a lot easier.



The old people can appreciate the joy of watering, and they can make the flowers and plants well cared for, so they are also very grateful to have such an automatic irrigation system. We are also very grateful to Kevin for choosing QOTO to bring this happiness to the elderly, and will work harder to build a better brand in the future.