Irrigation era of intelligent irrigation control system

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-02 17:18:29

Peter has been too distressed recently because he has been too busy late to water, so he used the previously installed household irrigation equipment, but he always forgot to turn off the power after turning it on, so that he watered the garden more, which caused more waste of water. Water bills, and some flowers and plants began to wither due to excessive watering.


smart irrigation control system at work


Peter wanted to change to an smart irrigation control. The previous one was a product of several years ago. Modern society is developing very fast. Keeping up with the times, he wants to change to an smart irrigation control system that does not require too much management. . So a friend recommended QOTO's intelligent irrigation system to him. He wanted to know how the product performed.


Remote watering


After listening to Peter's experience, he was able to understand his mood. The death of the meticulously cared flowers and plants caused by watering mistakes was extremely heart-wrenching. So he introduced the relevant information of QOTO products, which can ensure that the situation that happened before Peter will definitely not happen again. The watering switch can be controlled remotely through a mobile phone. The most important thing is to set the timing and quantification. Watering, even if you forget to water, the equipment will automatically shut down when the time comes, and there will be no excessive watering.In addition, it is also possible to install an overflow in the place where the water level is worried about submerging. Once the overflow detects the water source, it will cut off the sluice gate and stop watering.


Peter was pleasantly surprised and felt that this was exactly the smart irrigation control he wanted, and he quickly concluded a deal.