Hose watering systems for company greening irrigation

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-12 18:18:51

One day I received a message from a friend who came to Indonesia on the official website of QOTO. Gary said he wanted to buy hose watering systems for watering his lawn and vegetation.


Introduce the product details of QOTO for Gary. It was easy to irrigate the grass and vegetation. Gary asked how much space he could meet, because he wanted to irrigate the company’s greenery. The total greenery area was about 800 square meters. The area is not small, so ask if you can cover it all.


A large lawn that needs watering


QOTO's hose watering systems covered a large area, and can connect 60 sub-devices at a time. It can also be used in large areas. It can be installed with a few more sub-devices, and the RF unlimited electrical communication is adopted, the transmission distance is farther Penetration, the battery is not limited by the installation site, and can be installed where there is a faucet.


Hose watering systems is watering


After Gary understood it, he immediately said that he would pre-order one for trial. Once he got the equipment, he would immediately wait for the installation of hose watering systems, and immediately shared his experience. Gary said that the product was very good, just right, and it was a good addition to the green are a few.


Gary is a very self-confident and humorous guest. It is a great honor to purchase QOTO hose watering systems by talking to him and closing a deal.