Have you seen the best sprinkler?

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-06 17:34:58

Lisa said she was looking for the best sprinkler that could meet the functions she wanted. Lisa said she used a lot of smart sprinklers, but she was always not satisfied, often not satisfied with the function of the sprinkler It's just that the quality is not enough, and it doesn't last long, so this time I spent more time looking for the sprinkler she thinks is the best.


Until she met the QOTO brand, she had some desire to buy, so Lisa sent an email to consult, wanting to learn more about the product.


Smart sprinkler is sprinkling water


QOTO smart sprinklers is a remote mobile device to control the sprinkler watering device. It can control the watering time and the amount of watering as you like, and can open the sprinkler through voice control through the voice recognition system, Alexa, Google Assistant, The voice interaction effect is more user-friendly and has a sense of technology.


The standby time are very long, ordinary AA batteries can be used for 12 months, and the other is a solar low-light rechargeable battery, which can be used for 3 to 4 years. The rechargeable version uses micro-energy collection technology-low-light collection technology to ensure the stability of the device. It can continuously collect the light energy in the environment to continuously supply energy to the device, reducing the maintenance cost of the device, the cost of battery purchase, The disposal cost of waste batteries and reducing the pollution of waste batteries to the environment play a role in protecting the environment to a certain extent.


Smart sprinkler is sprinkling water


The signal coverage is wide, using RF radio transmission method, with strong penetration, long transmission distance, outdoor transmission distance of about 180m, indoor can penetrate up to 4 walls.


After understanding the related functions of the product, Lisa felt very good and was very pleasantly surprised. Someone had produced the best sprinkler she had imagined, so she felt that she had chosen QOTO products. For the product, she has given 100% trust, and I believe that Lisa will also give back 100% quality.