Garden watering timer for garden

Published by QiangTai 2020-08-10 18:01:30

Flowers always make people feel beautiful. People often like to take a walk in parks and gardens. There are lawns and flowers in the park, but beautiful things always need to be maintained. The lawn needs maintenance, and the beautiful flowers need to be watered.


Angel is a gardener, sometimes responsible for the maintenance of some gardens. For her, watering is the most important thing to invest in, because watering is a thing that needs to be done continuously, not once or twice a month, but It depends on the weather. Sometimes you need to water twice a day, sometimes twice a week, so Angel has always wanted to have a garden watering timer.


garden watering timer


So I found QOTO hoping to buy a batch of garden watering timers. After learning about some of the functions, I was surprised and looked forward to seeing the products immediately, so I decided to buy them very quickly.


garden watering timer


One week after receiving the product, Angel purchased another batch. Angel said that this garden watering timer is very practical. For her, it can save her a lot of time. There is no need to personally supervise the watering situation and pass it remotely. The mobile phone APP can realize regular and quantitative watering, which is practical and convenient. Angel hopes to maintain a long-term customer relationship, saying that she will come to buy if necessary in the future. She thinks it is a reliable product.