How to Garden water sprinkler system

Published by QiangTai 2020-08-06 17:54:16

Mr. Smith sent a thank-you emailed to praise the QOTO products he bought before, because this did bring a lot of convenience to his life, especially practical, and brought great convenience to his life.


After purchasing the self watering planter, Mr. Smith just needed a business trips on a period of time, and he needed to travel abroad at a long time. The flowers and plants at home happened to be taken care of by the the self watering planter.



This business trip was originally planned to travel for through a week, but due to special circumstances, the business trip time was extended to two weeks. Fortunately, the watering can be controlled remotely through the mobile phone. Mr. Smith will spend a minute to set the watering time and time in advance. The amount of watering, the automatic watering machine will water the flowers on time, and automatically turn off after watering.



Although Mr. Smith can see the real-time feedback on watering every day, he can know if there is watering and when, but because this equipment has not been used before on business trip, I don’t know if it is really practical, but this time After returning to a business trip, I found that the flowers and plants with home are growing well, and they are more gratifying than when I was at home. The flowers bloom more and look better. Therefore, Mr. Smith puts more trust in QOTO's the self watering planter.


Mr. Smith specially sent a thank-you letter. With QOTO's the self watering planter, he will not have to worry about watering the flowers and plants in the future. Thank you very much Mr. Smith for your trust and support.