Garden irrigation system that can be watered even if you are not at home

Published by QiangTai 2020-08-07 18:38:47

Peter’s wife is a person who likes to plant flowers and plants. The courtyard of his home is filled with various green plants. Even the bathroom, living room, and balcony have many green plants. As long as you enter Peter’s house, you can see a lot of green and Many blooming flowers can immediately feel the owner's intentions for green plants.


But recently, Peter's wife needs to travel for half a year in other cities. She is very reluctant to take care of the flowers and plants at home, but the wife is worried that Peter will not be able to take care of the green plants at home, especially the need for regular watering, so she thought of buying a garden irrigation system. So I found QOTO products and thought it could solve these problems.




So Peter bought a garden irrigation system. As soon as he received the goods and installed it, his wife went on a business trip in a hurry. But a month later Peter sent a good comment, saying that his wife is very satisfied with the product, because sometimes Peter often forgets to water, but fortunately there is a family group function that can view watering records, so Peter’s wife is You can quickly find out if you have watered the green plants, and then you can water the green plants at home through remote watering. And even if they are not in the same place, the two can still increase their relationship in this way.


Remote watering


I wish their husbands and wives better and better, the garden irrigation system can bring them more happiness.