Garden gift for mom/automatic plant watering system

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-19 17:54:04

Alibaba met such a customer. Because his mother especially likes to plant plants, many kinds of flowers and plants are planted, and the area of the house is relatively large, so basically the places where plants can be planted are all planted by her mother. Beautiful flowers and vegetation.But as her mother's age also continued to increase, sometimes it was very hard to watch her take care of flowers and plants.So I want to buy an automatic plant watering system for my mother, so that she can relax while loving flowers, QOTO products, so I want to know how the price and performance.


Flower-filled home courtyard


So I introduced this customer to some of the features of QOTO as an automatic plant watering system. First of all, although it is intelligent watering, it is very simple to operate, even if it is a little older, it can be operated and understood. Trouble, do not want to do it, then you can control the device through Alexa or Google Assistant voice, and can accurately set the size of the watering amount, with an accuracy of 5%.


People who love to grow flowers must be people that respect life and are gentle and kind people. This automatic plant watering system can remotely control watering, so you don’t need to water it yourself. Of course, you can occasionally get intimate contacts with flowers and plants to experience the joy of watering, but if it is not particularly convenient, you can directly remotely Just water it.


automatic plant watering system at work


After a brief understanding of the functions of QOTO, the customer placed an order. In fact, the QOTO automatic plant watering system has a Chinese name called "Huahua Messenger". I hope this customer can protect the mother, the mother guards the flowers, and QOTO guards Customers and mothers.