Garden cheats for grandparents

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-27 17:53:31

Lucky is a girl who loves to laugh and is filial. Once there was a few days of vacation, Lucky went to visit her grandparents and planned to play there for a few days. The grandparents are people who love to grow flowers. The lawn in the courtyard is also growing well, and fruit trees Some are also planted, and many green plants are planted in the courtyard. The more you plant, the plants will have to be watered every day, especially when the weather gets hotter. Lucky saw that his grandparents were watering the lawn in the courtyard every day and looked at the gray hair of grandparents, although they were enjoying it. But Lucky still hopes that they can relax a little bit, not only can enjoy the fun of raising vegetation, but also a little more relaxed.


So Lucky decided to buy an automatic lawn sprinkler for his grandparents. When they feel a little tired, they can easily water them. When they want to experience fun, they can bring a watering can to sprinkle water. Combining work and rest, you can have a good life experience.


Garden full of flowers


Lucky found QOTO's automatic lawn sprinkler from the Internet. She thinks this is very good. It is especially suitable for grandparents. The operation is relatively simple. Even the elderly can easily use it and control the amount of water, which is very convenient.


Sprinkler system watering


Lucky bought an automatic lawn sprinkler for his grandparents. After a while, Lucky sent an email saying that his grandparents liked this new tool very much. It can save them a lot of time, the operation is simple, and sometimes they can be remotely watered if they need to go out. Water, there is no need to worry about whether the vegetation at home is watered.