Examples of using automatic watering systems in greenhouse gardens

Published by QiangTai 2019-07-16 14:17:56

At the beginning of 2015, greenhouses appeared in many villages and villages in Henan Province, China. This is a greenhouse garden planting plan established by college students. Use the responsibility field of your own home to build greenhouses and develop flower and herb planting. Now the "greenhouse garden" has begun to take shape. The sales of planted flowers, herbs and succulents are booming, and the economic benefits are increased by 10 times compared to traditional crop cultivation.

Automatic watering system used in greenhouse

In addition to the success of planting technology, the assistance of automatic watering systems is inseparable. The daily watering of planting plants is completed by the automatic watering system. The APP interface of the system has a variety of function controls. You can set the watering time and watering volume through data to achieve the purpose of scientific watering. That saves time and effort, and makes irrigation water use rate reach 97%.

Automatic watering system during watering


Automatic watering system at work