Automatic lawn sprinkler system for large courtyard

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-28 18:30:38

Lily's family moved to a house with a large yard. She needs to plant lawns and beautiful flowers. In her free time, she can sit in the yard with friends and have afternoon tea, or build a family golf course. Friends play sports together.


Lily started to invite people to plant lawns. Lily is a person who likes this kind of activity, so she is very happy to participate in planting and feel the soil. Lily thought of installing an automatic lawn sprinkler system, because a friend used it at home and recommended it to her before, and it was almost time to move. So Lily found a friend to recommend, and her friend recommended QOTO's automatic lawn sprinkler system to her.



So Lily bought QOTO's automatic lawn sprinkler system. Half a month after receiving the product, Lily sent feedback. Lily said that this automatic lawn sprinkler system is particularly suitable for her courtyard because her yard is relatively large and she was worried at first. The signal will not be covered, but when the product is actually used, it is found that the transmission distance is very long, which can perfectly cover the distance of 180m around it, and it is very convenient during use. It can control watering regardless of whether she is at home or not. Had a good experience.



Lily said that he would recommend this automatic lawn sprinkler system to more friends in the future, hoping to bring convenience to more people.