A customer who wants to buy a wireless sprinkler controller

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-18 17:23:49

I met a customer in Alibaba and sent the message "Hello, am I looking for the cost of a 2 inch 1/2 inch brass smart valve sample in the UK? Or who can supply it in the UK? Greetings Richard Todd .


I communicated with this customer that Richard wanted to sell smart water valves in the UK. At present, he feels that many families in the UK can use the wireless sprinkler controller, and it is very convenient, so I found us and wanted to look at the samples first. How about it, and then talk about whether to establish cooperation in the follow-up. Communication with Richard was smooth, and an agreement was quickly reached, sending him 10 samples.


QOTO Smart water valve product picture


About half a month later, when Richard received the sample, he immediately sent a message to inform him that the sample had been received, and immediately said that the equipment was installed. Richard said that this was very useful. The key was to be able to control the water flow. The size is not available in many products now, and a mobile APP can connect multiple devices, which is very smart.


Richard said that he would try it for a week before contacting. As a result, Richard decided to place an order for the third day. Richard said that the operation of this device was very simple and easy to get started, and he found that there was a larger market in addition to its use for home gardens. Including this application of home intelligence, the overflow doorbell and other feelings are very novel and can attract many people. The key is that the operation is very simple and can be easily learned.


Watered flower


Even when Richard decided to place an order for the wireless sprinkler controller, he formally established a cooperative relationship and looked forward to better cooperation in the future!