Published by: QiangTaiAbby who likes to researchJuly 10,2020
Abby who likes to research

Although Abby is a girl, she is very adventurous and curious, likes to study all kinds of novel things, and has a strong hands-on ability

Published by: QiangTaiEric has been very happy recentlyJuly 09,2020
Eric has been very happy recently

The lawn watering system only needs a mobile phone to remotely control watering, no longer need to hold a water gun to water little by little

Published by: QiangTaiColin has seen the best lawn sprinklerJuly 08,2020
Colin has seen the best lawn sprinkler

When I went out, I forgot to close the main gate. As a result, when I returned home, I found that the water pipe at home was broken, and the water flowed from the indoor to the outdoor.

Published by: QiangTaiThank you letter from Mr. SmithJuly 07,2020
Thank you letter from Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith sent a thank-you emailed to praise the QOTO products he bought before, because this did bring a lot of convenience to his life

Published by: QiangTaiHave you seen the best sprinkler?July 06,2020
Have you seen the best sprinkler?

Lisa said she was looking for the best sprinkler that could meet the functions she wanted

Published by: QiangTaiReplace with a new sprinkler timerJuly 04,2020
Replace with a new sprinkler timer

Bob decided to replace the lawn with a new sprinkler timer, and be smarter.