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Mobile phone remote control

What to do if the flowers and plants at home are not taken care of when traveling on vacation? Are you still keeping the flowers and plants in your home unattended?

Having a long holiday family gathering, I am very happy to drive the car with my family and bring food and luggage to travel, take many good-looking photos and eat a lot of food, but the family’s garden is not taken care of, and the lawn and flowers are not watered, maybe wait When he returned, he became lifeless because of lack of water.

A timed watering device that can be controlled remotely by a mobile phone is needed. QOTO indoor timing intelligent watering system can solve this problem. No matter where you are, even if you are abroad, you can remotely control the garden watering through the mobile phone, and you can set the watering in advance Time, watering regularly, you can travel with peace of mind, no need to worry about whether the flowers and plants at home are watering today.

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Real-time monitoring of watering

What if I don’t feel comfortable while traveling? The mobile terminal can monitor the amount of watering in real time, and feed it back to the mobile APP, without worrying about not watering or closing the gate, which is safe and convenient.

The amount of watering can be adjusted remotely, and the watering percentage can be set, with an accurate value of 5%. And it can save 1/3 of water consumption for household irrigation water and farm irrigation water a year, while saving household water expenses and farm input costs, while saving water resources and protecting the environment.

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Long standby time

The ordinary AA battery can be used for 12 months, and the other is a solar low-light version of the rechargeable battery, which can be used for 3 to 4 years.


The rechargeable version uses micro-energy collection technology-low-light collection technology to ensure the stability of the device. It can continuously collect the light energy in the environment to continuously supply energy to the device, reducing the maintenance cost of the device, the cost of battery purchase, The disposal cost of waste batteries and reducing the pollution of waste batteries to the environment play a role in protecting the environment to a certain extent.

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RF radio penetration is stronger

What is the signal coverage?Using RF radio transmission, it has strong penetrating power, long transmission distance, outdoor transmission distance of about 180m, indoor can penetrate up to 4 walls. The power consumption of the RF radio scheme is very low. Compared with WIFI, the RF radio scheme has a longer standby time, a longer transmission distance, a wider coverage, 2 to 3 times that of WIFI, and lower power consumption.

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Intelligent voice control system

You can use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other voice smart speakers to wake up the watering device to work. The interactive experience of voice assistants frees your hands and interacts with smart devices in a more natural way to achieve linkage.

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No water quality and water pressure requirements

Adopt full-diameter caliber, the water outlet will not shrink, and the electric valve switch will not block the valve because of dirty water quality. No requirement for water pressure, can withstand water pressure 16mpa.

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Time: 2020/7/1-2020/7/31

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