auto watering system

auto watering system

garden watering system wifi sprinkler controller

Product Specification:

    Brand Name : QOTO

    Material : Brass+ABS plastic

    Valve Size : 1/2' ,3/4',1'

    Power : DC5V/2A

    Max pressure : PN16

    Water Temperature : 0-70℃

    Power off : Auto close

    Mobile APP : using MCU microcomputer control

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What is this product be used for?

These products are used for household irrigation, small agricultural irrigation and so on.


QOTO Watering Timer Functions:

1.Real-time operation,remote watering by mobile phone.
2.Timing manage-ment, smart timing watering.
3.Intelligent watering, fine control to seconds.
4.Real-time feedback makce you more assured.
5.Lazy desing, one week without worry.(once repetition a week)

Water Timer Meets

A smart water timer,meets all kinds of watering needs, for example:
Landscape irrigation, Lawn irrigation, Countyard irrigation,Pot irrigation

Product application case



Traditional water timer VS Smart water timer

1. What are the advantages and selling points of your products compared to other products on the market?

    At present, the market is basically based on the control of solenoid valves, which have only single functions of ON and OFF, and need water pressure, which is easy to block. Our products can withstand up to 16 kg of  pressure and also can adjust the water flow.Real-time feedback the device status (make you more assured)!

2.  What is the lowest temperature the product can withstand ?
    - 5℃ to  65℃

3. If multiple products are installed in different places, is it only possible to start the device  one by one or can it be started with one click?
    The APP can be started in a single device or all devices with one click (need to creat these products into a group)

4. Share this device with your family 
   only need to add the sharer's account in the APP interface of this device (the main account and share number are in the same country or region)

5.  How many devices can your app control ?
     One APP can control 100 devices

6. If power outage, will the water timer be turned off automatically ?
   Yes, water timer will be turned off automatically

7. If used in outdoor high-temperature weather,will the battery explode?
   We use super capacitors, this product can work in the temperature of 120 ℃

8. If nobody at home, and want to open the APP operation, how to confirm that the device is running?  

If the APP shows that the max is 100%, then the position of the feedback signal rotates with the valve position to the final value is also 100%. If the feedback value does not jump, it is equipment failure



Failure  reminder, considerate butler service
When there is a problem  with  the valve, it will stop  working automatically, and
the APP will receive a fault waming to prompt you to repair it in time.



Automatic shutdown when power fails to prevent equipment damage

Automatically shut down after a power outage,to prevent wasting water resource


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