Automatic watering system APP history query

Published by QiangTai February 11,2020

The automatic watering system can use the APP history query record to query the plant watering record for one week.

If you have to leave home for a while, but the potted plants in your home are not taken care of, then what would you think of? This time you need an automatic plant watering system to help you.

Automatic plant watering system for home irrigation

QOTO's automatic plant watering system is designed for home plant irrigation, small and exquisite, suitable for all kinds of interfaces of household pipes.The mobile APP and the valve echo each other. When the APP is running, the valve will run along with it. If the valve is not running, the APP will not run and adapt to some groups with obsessive-compulsive disorder.The water pressure and timing are all completed by the mobile phone APP operation, and can also be combined with the intelligent sound to achieve voice control. The perfect display of the characteristics of the automatic plant watering system.

Automatic plant watering system for home irrigation

QOTO will design a complete water and fertilizer integrated automatic plant watering system according to the planting area of the family. After going out, you will no longer have to worry about the plants at home.

Automatic plant watering system is watering